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Community Partners

The Bullevard is free, online volunteer recruiting and management tool for community partners working with student volunteers and service learning students at the University of South Florida. By participating in The Bullevard, community partners can easily manage service opportunities for USF students from inception to completion.


By logging into The Bullevard, community partners are able to:

  • Update your organization information
  • Post detailed descriptions of ongoing, one-time, philanthropy, internship or community-based research projects for USF students
  • View your current volunteer rosters
  • Validate student hours
  • Generate reports for your records


How The Bullevard relationship works:

  • After a new community partner fills out the registration form, the CLCE staff will follow-up with your agency to approve one representative as an administrator.
  • Once you are logged into the system, you can add, edit, and manage all “shifts” (volunteer opportunities), which students can search and register for through The Bullevard system. Based on designated start and end dates, shifts will appear on The Bullevard calendars. Detailed descriptions include specifics such as minimum time commitment, and days and times the project is available, trainings needed if applicable, and any other helpful information for potential volunteers.
  • As students sign up for service opportunities through The Bullevard, the agency will be notified by email and the student will be listed in the “roster” for that shift. Partners may access an up-to-date student roster at any point, where they can verify student attendance and hours.


If you are not yet a USF Community Partner and would like to become part of our network… Please fill out the Registration Form below. Allow 48 hours for your registration to be received and processed by the CLCE Staff. Once processed, you will receive an email notification with a welcome letter, username and password plus further instructions for The Bullevard.


Registration Form

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Organization Name


Primary Focus Area


Business Address


Example: 4202 E. Fowler Ave, Tampa, FL 33620

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Phone Numer


Example: 813-974-4180

Fax Numer

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Organization Website

Business Status


Description of your Organization (1-2 sentences)


This information will appear as a description of your organization to potential volunteers.

Primary Area for Opportunities




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To Register:

  • Submit your organizations information through the Registration Form located above.
  • Allow 48 hours for the Center for Leadership and Civic Engagement Staff to process and register you organizations profile.
  • Once you receive The Bullevard Community Partner email you will return to The Bullevard website and access your account.
  • When prompted, change your password and begin loading upcoming volunteer opportunities into the system.


To Promote Volunteer Shifts:

  • Sign-In under the Registered Users section of The Bullevard site
  • As an administrator, you may manage volunteer shifts by clicking on the Admin link, then selecting the calendar you wish to manage within the Volunteering Section.
    • NOTE: You will only have administrative privileges to add, edit, delete and run reports for your Agency Calendar.
  • You may easily add new volunteer shifts for a single day, or a set of days within a range and by day of the week. To do this, click ‘Add’ toward the top of the page, and
    • Enter the name of the volunteer shift
    • Enter the description for this shift
    • Enter the date range and days of the week
    • Enter the start time of the volunteer shift
    • Enter the end time of the volunteer shift
    • Enter the maximum number of contacts that may be assigned to this volunteer shift
    • Choose the proper volunteer statues: A ‘locked’ shift is one that will be viewable from the website but will not accept signups from contacts, and a ‘released’ volunteer shift is one that is available to accept signups from the website.
    • Click ‘Preview’ to review your addition
    • Click ‘Apply’ to save your changes or click ‘Back’ to alter any fields
  • You may also delete volunteer shifts individually by
    • Click on the link for your calendar
    • Click ‘Edit’ to the right of the shift in the list.
    • Click ‘Delete’
    • You will be prompted to answer ‘Are you sure?’ and have to click ‘OK’ before the shift is permanently deleted.
  • You may also edit volunteer shifts individually or in bulk by
    • Click on the ‘Admin’ icon and then click on the calendar you wish to edit
      • To edit an individual shift, simply click the ‘Edit’ button to the right of its listing.  Once your edits have been made, click ‘Save’ to save your changes.
      • To edit shifts in bulk, you may then place a check in one or more boxes to the left of the shift’s listing and click the ‘Edit’ icon directly above the shift listings. Once your edits have been made, click ‘Preview’ to review your proposed additions. Click ‘Save’ to save your changes or click ‘Back’ to alter those changes.
  • Once volunteers have signed up or withdrawn from a shift both you, as an administrator, and the volunteer will receive an email notification.
  • At any point, you can log-in to The Bullevard and manage your volunteers’ opportunities and volunteer registrants.
  • Prior to the date of the shift, a reminder email will also be sent to volunteers so that they can be reminded of shift dates, times, locations and other pertinent information or choose to withdraw at that time.


To Email Participants:

At any point, you can email all volunteers of a particular shift. To do so,

  • Click on the ‘Admin’ link and select the calendar for which you manage
  • Locate the shift for which you would like to email participants and select the ‘Assignments’ link at the very end of the listing to the far right
  • Select ‘Email’ at the bottom left of the screen and fill out the email form to communicate with volunteers.


To Record Volunteer Attendance:

It is extremely important that community partners provide accurate information about volunteer attendance so that the Center for Leadership and Civic Engagement can provide valid community service hours. In order to record volunteer attendance please:

  • Log-in to the system
  • Click on the ‘Admin’ link
  • Select the calendar you wish to manage within the Volunteering Section
  • Once you have found the correct shift, click on the ‘Edit Assignment’ icon next to the Contact’s Name.
  • After clicking edit, you will be able to update any of the fields that were submitted at the time of registration. Additionally, you will be able to mark the volunteer assignment as a ‘No Show’ and provide notes.
  • Click ‘Save’ to save your changes.


To Create Reports:

The Bullevard provides more than a dozen Report templates surrounding volunteering, contact information, interactions, placements, status changes and requirements. You may customize this setting for your needs to create nearly limitless possible reporting combinations. You may run, memorize and download reports as often as you would like. We will provide more information soon regarding the reporting feature.



Still have questions? Problems?

Please email The Bullevard administrator at You may also speak to someone directly by calling the Center for Leadership and Civic Engagement at 813-974-7595.