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Become a Bulls Service Breaks Advisor

Due, Friday, September 11, 2015
Individual interviews will be scheduled with applicants after applications close



USF Bulls Service Breaks (BSB) is a student organization offering direct service opportunities during every academic spring break. Coordinated through the Center for Leadership and Civic Engagement which empowers students to become catalysts for positive social change, these trips are filled with experiential learning opportunities that will not only be life changing, but also contribute to student development as well as enhance student’s leadership skills and education. Participants have the opportunity to do quality service, gain education about important social issues, and reflect on how they can create positive social change. BSB is a national movement of active citizenship, striving to create sustainable change and fight social injustice in all communities. Each trip is intentionally developed to provide strong direct service, orientation, education, training, reflection, reorientation, and diversity, while remaining alcohol and other drug free, also known as the Eight Components of a Quality Alternative Break.

The Center for Leadership & Civic Engagement, which supports the BSB trips, is committed to sending each trip with a carefully selected advisor, not only in case of emergencies, but also for the unique perspective and experience that faculty and staff bring to the trip. This is a great opportunity for you to overlap your research interest with a service-immersion experience and ensure that participants have a powerful educational experience in the process. As we strive to keep these service trips from becoming “voluntourism,” it requires subject matter experts and faculty/staff passionate about these social issues to help educate and prepare our students to be ready to engage in deep, meaningful service and reflection during the trip because we know that is when true change happens in both the lives of our students and the communities which we serve.

Trip Advisor applications are open to both new and returning BSB Trip Advisors, and trip education issues span a range of global social issues. Please review the following information about the Trip Advisor role and this year’s trip opportunities, and consider whether you are interested in joining the BSB movement this year as an advisor. Please visit the formal application and submit your interest and research area so that we can keep your information in our database and connect you with a team once the trip advisors and participants are selected.



The Role: Trip Advisor

This is a fantastic Advising experience to work with highly motivated, dedicated students who care about volunteer service. Your primary function is to advise two student Site Leaders who lead the participants and the trip. Before the trip Site Leaders are responsible for selecting participants, conducting pre-trip meetings, organizing itineraries and part of the travel logistics and keeping participants informed. During the trip, you help the two student Site Leaders communicate with the Volunteer Coordinators at your site, mobilize participants, plan meals, trouble-shoot any problems, and also facilitate reflection activities for the participants after each day of service.

Additionally, a large part of your responsibility throughout the entire experience is to serve as the financial and risk manager for the safety and protection of both the students and the University. This is a very rewarding and unique experience. Ideal candidates are passionate about working with students, committed to community service, effective at motivating and organizing teams, are very organized, and have positive, fun attitudes. If you can see yourself in this role, please apply!

*Expectations of a BSB Advisor:

•        Approval from your supervisor to be out of the office during the time of your trip: Saturday, March 12-19, 2015

•        Advisor Fee (Spring-$50)

•        Participation in the Advisor/Site Leader Training: Saturday, October 3rd, 2015 from 9am-6pm

·                     Commitment to entirety of the BSB Trip:  Saturday, March 12-19, 2015

•        Assume Van Driving Responsibility for trip

•        Attend a Van Driving Trainer Course through Campus Rec prior to the departure (paid for by BSB program)

•        Attend a CPR/First Aid Certification Program through Campus Rec at a Time/Date of your choice prior to departure (paid for by BSB program)

•        Meet with Site Leaders on a regular basis (suggested weekly)

•        Student Affairs Shared Services Center (SASSC) Financial Training- Time/Date TBD 

•        Participate in all service, reflection, and fun activities during your trip

•        Be accessible to 2 student Site Leaders to provide mentorship and leadership development

•        Communicate and collaborate effectively with trip leaders

•        Communicate and collaborate effectively with community organization representatives

•        Be prepared to facilitate conflict resolution strategies

•        Be prepared to help participants process issues encountered during the trip

•        Be prepared to help trip leaders manage stress, logistics, conflict, exhaustion, and crisis

•        Be prepared to share your thoughts and experiences with participants

•        Complete appropriate follow-up activities, evaluations, and program documentation with participants

•        Uphold the mission, values, and policies of the BSB program and USF

•        Assist the students in the event of an emergency



The Role: Issue Educator

This is a fantastic consulting experience to work with highly motivated, dedicated students who care about volunteer service. Your primary function is to serve as a resource and subject matter expert on the social issue of the trip and provide educational resources, public policies, documentaries and other resources to best prepare the Site Leaders and team for their trip. If you are unable to travel with the students for a week during Spring Break, this is a great opportunity to connect with the BSB program and be exposed to the program through your research interest and expertise. Please review the list of social issues below to identify which trip issues you would be most suited to connect with for issue education.


*Social Issues for the 2015-2016 Academic Year include:

Animal Rights

Disability Awareness


Gang Violence Prevention


LGBT Awareness


Women’s Issues

Hunger & Homelessness

Public Health

Youth and Education (2 trips available to support)


*Expectations of a BSB Advisor:


•        Meet with the student Site Leaders and/or Trip Advisor at least 1 time to discuss the specific social issue and educational goals of the trip

•        Provide educational resources (i.e. articles, documentaries, public policy papers, case studies, and other activities) that engage students in meaningful education and dialogue around the social issue prior to their departure

•        Attend 1 participant meeting in the spring at a time TBD by you and the team to present important issues education knowledge to group before departure

•        Suggest any relevant training and or pre-service opportunities locally that the group can connect with prior to departure

•        Offer additional support and guidance as necessary




Trip Advisor FAQ's

  • Who can participate in BSB Trips? Any student currently enrolled at the USF Tampa campus can participate, including graduate and doctoral students. 
  • How are participants selected?  Students can apply online at beginning November 17th, 2015. They are then interviewed and selected by Site Leaders to build a diverse team.
  • Do I have to be a USF staff or faculty member to be a BSB Advisor?  Yes, you have to employed by USF as a staff member, faculty, or a graduate assistant through the end of the spring semester (May 2016) and receive direct deposit from the University for Travel Authorization Request approval.
  • How are Advisors and Trips paired?  Advisors and trips are based on their interest in the social issues, knowledge about the issue, and the fit between the Site Leaders and the advisor. 
  • Where do BSB Trips go for spring break?  During the spring trips students go to cities throughout the United States.  The city will be selected based on travel time and social issues associated with that particular city.
  • What do we do each day while on our BSB Trip? Each day may look different, but all trips will be rooted in strong direct service, reflection and cultural immersion. Other aspects of a quality service break include:   orientation, education, training, reorientation, and diversity, while remaining alcohol and other drug free.
  • How will students get to their destination?  Most trips will utilize a rented Avis van to transport students through the University Contract.  Trips that are further away may include traveling by airplane prior to picking up a van or using in-city transportation for larger, urban environments. 
  • Will I share a room with students? Exact accommodations vary by tripIn most cases yes as BSB trips travel very economically. Most trip accommodations are made through hostels and churches with shared room accommodations.
  • How are Advisors Selected? Advisors will be interviewed by the Associate Director for Civic Engagement in the Center for Leadership and Civic Engagement to gauge interest, social issue passion area, safety and risk management experience as well as desire to participate on a trip.  Interviews are only 30 minutes and help the Associate Director explain the expectations, make the best placements possible and answer any questions you have about the experience before potentially committing to the Trip Advisor role.
  • How do Advisors pay for the trip while abroad? Each advisor will be listed as the authorized traveler on behalf of the University and will receive a cash advance for expenses during their trip (i.e. gas, meals, incidentals, transportation, etc).You will work with your site leaders to create a budget for your trip, but you will personally be responsible for managing your money while abroad and reconciling per the University policies for staff travel. You will receive adequate training on these policies and procedures prior to departure.


For more information about this advising opportunity, contact Mallory Trochesset at or 813-974-7595